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Why did I choose VAGHEGGI products for my cosmetic treatments?


VAGHEGGI uniquely combines traditional, natural cosmetics with the most advanced technology and research. They create unique products, truly functional phytocosmetic products, 



Vagheggi is a cosmetics brand founded in 1975 with 40 years of experience.

* The products are 100% Italian products.

* Meets all needs from basic to luxury.

* Effectiveness is proven by clinical tests.

* Paraben and paraffin free.

* The materials used for packaging are environmentally friendly products.


For 40 years, VAGHEGGI products have been considered popular products on the world cosmetic market. Their most important goal is to provide maximum impact and satisfaction to their guests.


In the products, we simultaneously find the natural plant active ingredients and essential oils known to science, the teachings of bio-energetic psychology, Chinese and Indian philosophy, which together affect the body, soul and spirit and thus beauty.


Vagheggi has vast experience in the cosmetics industry, thus offering a complete range of products. Face care, body treatments, sunscreen products, hand and foot care, men's cosmetics and make-up, etc. So there is almost no competition for its products.


It is important to maintain the spectacular result achieved during the treatment and preserve it for the longest time. That is why it is essential to use home skin care products between treatments. I can provide professional help in choosing the right product line for you during the treatment and also over the phone.


You can conveniently order Vagheggi luxury face and body care products at any time a Vagheggi webshop interface with 10% discount! To claim the 10% discount, use the following guest code: 13562978

15% Off All Items

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VAGHEGGI produces its plant-based phytocosmetic products with maximum respect for people, animals and the environment.


In the selection of active ingredients, it pursues a "fair trade" policy and insists on the high quality of the raw materials.

The packaging of all VAGHEGGI phytocosmetic products is environmentally friendly, the plastic bottles do not contain harmful phthalates.


All Vagheggi phytocosmetic products are 100% Made in Italy,

the packaging of the products is environmentally friendly


They contain herbal active ingredients of excellent and controlled quality.


The products are microbiologically and dermatologically tested, nickel and paraben free.




100% animal-friendly and nature-friendly plant-based phytocosmetic products.


In addition to professional products, Vagheggi also offers facial care for home use.


Vagheg treatments

Would you like to be part of a truly unique Vagheggi experience treatment?

Then don't hesitate! Effective and innovative treatments await you in our cosmetics!

Our face and body treatments are tailored to the individual's skin type and skin problem,

it is done with professional VAGHEGGI phytocosmetics.

Each treatment is also an aroma therapy, which contributes to a perfect sense of well-being.

Facial treatments

The VAGHEGGI product lines are all specifically

they provide a solution to a skin problem.

Every first treatment is a skin diagnostic

preceded by a survey.

Based on this, we will build your personalized treatment plan for you.

After-care at home during and after facial treatments is very important, which is why we help you put together a beauty routine that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

Body treatments

Whether it's general body care, firming or shaper

body treatments or detoxification, VAGHEGGI's product lines provide a comprehensive solution for all of these.

Even a single treatment is very spectacular, but to achieve the most perfect and long-term results, cure treatments are recommended, and the use of home care products is also essential.

Spa Treatments

Enjoy the physical and mental rejuvenation provided by our Spa treatments and find the "me time" you need in this fast-paced world.

VAGHEGGI experience treatments affect all 5 of your senses and help you get away from everyday stress and problems.

Your beautification is guaranteed to be a unique experience.

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