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75-15 is an intelligent gene-based cosmetics line, the XXI. 20th century revolutionary solution for skin rejuvenation and long-term preservation of skin youth. The 75-15 gift package includes the following product at a favorable price and in a gift box: 


The tonic provides freshness and extreme hydration to the skin. Rub it into the skin, even several times a day! It contains a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the day and night cream even more. Main active ingredients: cornflower extract, hyaluronic acid, amethyst.



All answers to anti-aging in one cream: lifting effect, younger face contour, renewed skin appearance. Younger, fresher and more radiant skin, thanks to the latest generation cosmetic active ingredient, Pistacia lentiscus extract, which stimulates the protein of youth. Main active ingredients: Pistacia lentiscus extract, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, vitamins A and E, amethyst, Golgotha flower extract. 


-75-15 lip and mouth mask, 20 ML:
lip firming and anti-wrinkle mask around the lips, with a rich texture, but it is not necessary to wash it off, it can be used as a lip care during the day, but also as a pack it has a super nourishing effect on the skin around the lips during night rest. The lips are plumped up, the skin around the lips becomes smooth and tight.  The elixir from precious ice wine contains a lifting effect, smoothes out wrinkles around the lips, reducing "the so-called barcodes". It replenishes and regenerates the lips thanks to a special active ingredient, sea fern, which can increase the volume of the fatty tissue around the lips by helping to store fats. Active ingredients: nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, antioxidant vitamin E, sea fern, brown algae with volume-increasing effect, elixir extracted from ice wine.


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